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History, Mystery, Magic and Adventure


An orphaned girl’s quest for truth sparks a hunt for a legendary hoard of magical treasures.

Left on the doorstep of a children’s home as a baby, Tia’s only clues to her history are the strange items that were left with her: a luggage label with her name on, twelve silver coins marked with circles and crosses, and a silver pendant inscribed with a mysterious symbol.

Her search for answers suddenly ignites with the arrival of a sinister stranger and a move to a new home, where unravelling mysteries of the past is part of everyday life. However, it soon becomes apparent that the pursuit of truth turns up many more questions than answers as Tia finds herself on the trail of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain...

...and that is only the beginning of her quest.

Middle Grade novel series published by Emira Press and available to purchase through Amazon (RRP £6.99), or...

Stormhaven is so appealing I'm considering searching for available properties on RightMove. Mysterious pendants, Arthurian legend & a School-in-a-Castle: utterly enchanting!

Kirsty Applebaum, author of  'The Middler,' 'Troofriend' and 'The Life And Time Of Lonny Quicke'

Superb! Full of mystery and history and erudition with the most incredible activities at the back - my daughter and I lay on the floor and listened to Adagio for Strings. This book shines with love. I felt I was in the hands of a wonderful human being.   

Zillah Bethell, author of  'The Shark Caller'

I really enjoyed it and I can see that child readers of all kinds will love it too - from fantasy fans, to myth-lovers, to mystery-addicts, to those who love school stories. Great stuff!    

Sophie Kirtley, author of  'The Wild Way Home' and 'The Way To Impossible Island'

The Lost Child’s Quest is a joy of a mystery novel. Its thrills are threaded with the myths and annals of ancient Britain, and its young protagonist, Tia, is admirable not only for her budding bravery, but also for being such a compassionate heroine. In fact, Haddell’s entire novel thrums with kindness and empathy, and that’s a wonderful thing.   

Darren Simpson, author of  'Scavengers' - a Guardian book of the year 2019

A thrilling tale of myth, magic and discovering your own identity... 

...A wonderful, pacy read for anyone aged 9+ 

'Library Girl and Book Boy' book blog

I can’t wait to read more from this new author about Tia’s adventures. She is a fantastic character, and the adventurous nature and pace of the novel along with the engaging and arresting style with which it is told are all major plus points

'What I Read' book blog - Richreadalot

Full to the brim with legends, nature and magic, this story holds a powerful message of hope and trust. 

'Scope for Imagination' book blog

The pages are literally packed with history, mystery and adventure and there’s excitement and suspense around every corner 

'Primary Teacher Bookshelf' book blog

I absolutely loved the skilful weaving of history and Arthurian legend in this fast-paced mystery as unexpected twists and revelations kept me enthralled throughout

'Book Craic' book blog

Myth, magic and mystery are woven together to create a modern day legend, set on the stunning Cornish Coast

'Miss Cleveland Is Reading' book blog

Such a lovely tale of adoption, finding family and safety but learning about identity

'My Shelves Are Full' book blog

I finished the book being thoroughly enthralled and wanting to read more

'Mr R's Bookblether' book blog

The fast pace of this story along with all the twists and turns are bound to keep even the most reluctant reader engaged. There are plenty of opportunities for discussion along the way and James has even included discussion prompts for each chapter at the back of the book.

'Lucy Literati' book blog

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